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For centuries, creatures without peer have ruled the depths of the ocean. Their kingdom, called Abyss, is respected by all their allied races, who are glad to receive protection from the fearsome monsters of the deep... But soon the throne of Abyss will be vacant… Why not claim it for yourself?
Abyss is an underwater power struggle board game with beautiful illustrations.
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The little people exiled from the forest have found shelter in an abandoned garden to build a new town. In the space of a few weeks, wooden crates are transformed into apartments, the old transistor radio into a cabaret, the coffee pot into a belfry... But very quickly, each clan wants to seize control of the town by any means possible: complete official projects, take control of territories, fulfill secret missions, and even invade opponents’ buildings.
Your choices have a direct impact on the next player. It’s up to you to decide who will suffer the consequences!
What if the formation of Earth had gone differently? In Ecos™, players are forces of nature molding the planet, but with competing visions of its grandeur. You will have the chance to create a part of the world, similar but different to the one we know. Which landscapes, habitats, and species thrive will be up to you.
Ecos™ is a game of simultaneous play for 2-6 players. Elements revealed from the Element Bag give all players the opportunity to complete their cards and shape the continent how they see fit.
A City in the mountains has been discovered but no one wants to venture there without having mapped the place... Here is finally a mission for you, Archaeologist with implacable logic. A deduction game with breathtaking material. A solo mode offering multiple challenges. An application for simplified validation of your victory and regular new challenges.

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TTGames was formed by several board game enthusiasts. We love to play the games, we write reviews and we also sell them. In our bricks-and-mortar shop and our website tabletop.cz.

We want to bring games to the market that we enjoy and that we believe deserve a Czech localization.

We live for games. TIME TO GAME!


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